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You should never try to clean your ears. Your ear canal makes earwax to protect the ear.
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Nose is a 7 cm long narrow vertical tube containing three swellings on either side called turbinates.
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Early diagnosis of cancer is very important for the pre cancerous conditions in the oral cavity.
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Why nose should not be cleaned with force?  
Demonstrating how two papers are pulled inwards when air is blown in between them with force. This is due to Pascal's law. Similar effect is seen when nose is blown with force. 

Nose is a 7 cm long narrow vertical tube containing three swellings on either side called turbinates. These turbinates increase or decrease in size all the time in response to cold air, allergy or air current in the nose. When you blow your nose with force a negative pressure is created in the nasal cavity and in turn it causes the turbinates to swell. Thus those patients who are in a habit of blowing their nose with force every now and then, suffer from difficulty in breathing from nose. They show poor response to medical line of treatment. If you blow your nose when you catch cold, infection in the nose can enter your ear through a tube connecting ear and nose called Eustachian tube, and can lead to ear pain and discharge. Instead you should bring out nasal secretions through your throat. This is a safe way of clearing your nose.

Does nasal septum re-grow after Septal surgery? 
Deviated Nasal Septum needs correction if it causes blocked nose and/or recurrent sinusitis.
NO. Nasal Septal surgery is done for the deviation of nasal septum which causes difficulty in nasal breathing and headaches due to sinusitis. The nasal Septal surgery is done after the age of 18 when the growth of the septum is completed. Recurrence of the symptom of nasal obstruction after Septal surgery may be because of improper surgery, hypertrophy of Turbinates or Oedema of the nasal mucosa or polyps due to nasal allergy. Faulty habit of regularly blowing nose with force for clearing it can also result in nasal obstruction.

What should I do if I get bleeding from my nose? 
First of all do not panic. If you do not calm your nerves your blood pressure will shoot up resulting in severe bleeding from your nose. Sit on a chair bending your head forward. Pinch your soft part of nose firmly and breathe through your mouth. Do not clear your nose because the clot which is formed in your nose itself can stop further bleeding. Rush to an ENT surgeon without wasting time because excessive bleeding can be dangerous. An ENT surgeon, if required will perform nasal endoscopy on you to locate the bleeding point and to find the cause of nasal bleed. He then will either perform cautery or put packing in your nose to stop bleeding. Do not lift heavy objects and do not use pressure while passing stools, as this can restart nasal bleeding. Do not waste time in trying medicines for nasal bleeding. Get nasal endoscopy done first, as most of the time the bleeding vessel is located and nasal cautery solves the problem permanently.

How can I get rid of nasal allergy?
Apart from taking anti allergic medicines and nasal steroids you must keep all the things away from you that have strong and irritating smell. For example, perfume, body spray, dhoop, agarbatti, mosquito repellent and soaps having strong fragrance can cause more harm to your nose. Avoid fruits like guava, banana and grapes that are known to cause cold in allergic patients. You must also avoid inhalers and balm because they also have strong smell and they can irritate your nasal mucosa. Take plain water steam inhalations twice daily. Your house must be kept free from dust. You need cardio exercises which increase your breathing and thus increase your respiratory immunity.

What I must do if I get my nose hurt?
Fractured nose with deformity needs correction within 21 days.
You must always take ENT specialist’s opinion for three reasons.
1. Fracture of the nasal bones with deformity of nose: If you get nasal bone fracture without any nose deformity you don’t need any treatment other than painkillers to reduce pain. If you notice any external deformity due to fracture of nasal bones then you need correction of the deformity by surgical procedure. The procedure is called closed reduction of fracture nasal bones. It is important to note that this procedure can and should be bone at the earliest and preferably within 2 hours after the trauma, before swelling of the nose sets in. If swelling has already occurred then the procedure is delayed till the swelling subsides. In any case surgery should never be delayed beyond 21 days as it is impossible to correct the deformity due to fibrous union of the fractured segments. If the treatment is delayed for more than 21 days then the patient will require a major procedure of Rhinoplasty requiring Osteotomies and can only be performed after a gap of one year. 
2. Septal Hematoma and abscess: Collection of blood occurs in the nasal septum following trauma to nose, giving rise to nasal blockade. This collection if not drained within 6 hours can result in septal abscess due to growth of bacteria in the blood that is collected in the septum. This is a serious complication and results in gross deformity of the nose requiring plastic surgery of nose. 
3. Nose bleeding: Trauma to nose can result in severe bleeding from nose which can be dangerous. Your ENT specialist will pack your nose if required to stop the bleeding.