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Ear Nose Throat



Condition We Treat
1. All types of micro ear surgeries like Tympanoplasty, Mastoid surgeries and Stapes surgeries.
2. Nasal Endoscopic Sinus surgeries and treatment for Fracture Nasal bones and Epistaxis.
3. All types of head and neck surgeries.
4. Safe and quick removal of foreign bodies from air and food passage of Paediatric and adult patients.
5. All types of Glandular surgeries like Thyroid,Parotid and Sub-Mandibular glands surgeries.
6. Fascio Maxillary Trauma management.
Adenoid Tonsil Infections Ear Discharge Ear Wax Middle Ear Infection
Deafness Allergies Balance Disorders Cleft Palate Deviated Nasal Septum
Ear Aches & Infections Swallowing Problems Head & Neck Tumors Voice disorders Sinus infection & Headaches
Smell & Taste Disorders Sore Throats Nasal Growth Swimmer's Ear Tinnitus
Bleeding from nose Stylalgia Thyroid Disorders